Auto Aftermarket Guangzhou 2019

The 2019 Guangzhou International Auto parts and aftermarket Exhibition (AAG) will be held in poly World Trade Expo Guangzhou from September 24 to 26. The exhibition is rooted in the South China market, covering auto parts, repair and maintenance, supplies and refitting three auto industry sectors, involving the whole chain of auto aftermarket. The exhibition is a large-scale professional high-end post market exhibition jointly organized by China Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd., China Automobile Industry International Cooperation Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Machinery Science Research Institute Co., Ltd., China Electrical Science Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Zhongqi Service Trade Co., Ltd.

The exhibition area of the last AAG exhibition reached 60000 square meters, attracting 800 exhibitors and more than 50000 high-quality buyers and professional visitors. On the basis of the same total area as last year, this year’s exhibition will usher in 2600 enterprises, and the number of buyers and visitors is expected to exceed 60000. The products on display will cover auto parts, auto supplies, auto repair, maintenance, beauty, modification, new energy auto testing equipment, auto insurance, auto finance, auto e-commerce services and other fields.
II. Market demand and industrial advantages lay a high starting point for the exhibition
Guangzhou is the Asia Pacific operation center of many automobile enterprises and auto parts enterprises, and has a close production network with supporting enterprises in the Asia Pacific region. At present, Guangzhou has formed a relatively complete automobile industry chain, planned a number of automobile industry bases from a high starting point, and formed an industrial cluster of automobile parts and supplies enterprises. As one of the economically developed regions in China, Guangzhou has a strong demand for auto consumption and a strong market leading force. It has become the main production base and auto consumption market of auto parts in China and has a strong radiation effect on the whole country.
The Pearl River Delta, which is led by Guangzhou, is an important town for the development of domestic automobile market. The growth rate of automobile consumption in South China has been kept above 15% for three consecutive years. In the post market, Guangzhou auto parts industry has a number of large-scale enterprises with strong strength and good foundation, forming a relatively perfect product structure, and the product categories almost cover all auto parts systems. Guangzhou, as the location of the domestic professional auto products market group, has gathered tens of thousands of manufacturers, cultivated a batch of famous auto products wholesale streets in China, such as Yongfu Road, Hengfu Road, Huangshi Road, Guangyuan Road, etc., and has become an important professional auto products wholesale city in China.
Under the promotion of the supporting unit Guangzhou City and the organizing unit Guangzhou industry and information technology committee, the holding of this exhibition will strengthen the whole chain of Guangzhou’s automobile industry, greatly enhance the level of specialization, marketization and internationalization of Guangzhou’s exhibition industry, and form a sound development pattern of promoting and promoting the industry with industry.
III. professional exhibition team to ensure the steady start of the exhibition
As the organizer and undertaker of the exhibition, China Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries China Automobile Industry International Cooperation Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Machinery Science Research Institute Co., Ltd., China Electrical Appliance Science Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou China Automobile Service Trade Co., Ltd. have many years of exhibition experience and professional exhibition team, holding large-scale professional automobiles. The exhibition has rich experience and sufficient resources. In the field of automotive aftermarket, China Automotive Industry International Cooperation Co., Ltd. focuses on the overseas market while focusing on the domestic market pattern, thus accumulating a large number of excellent exhibitor resources, purchaser resources and media resources in a multi-level and wide range, and building a good domestic and foreign partner network.
IV. full support from industry brands and group organizations
Thanks to the market influence and channels of the organizers in the industry for many years
Resources, a number of domestic and foreign industry brands have confirmed to participate in this exhibition. In addition, the exhibition also received strong support from the local government and positive response from a number of organizations. In addition to more than 40 confirmed franchised organizations, there are many local industry associations also expressed their expectations for the exhibition. They regard AAG as an excellent opportunity to support local auto parts and after-sales enterprises to understand and expand the global market, and hope to promote the industrial transformation and upgrading of various regions.
In the past 40 years of China’s reform and opening up, the economy and society have undergone tremendous changes. All walks of life have completed the industrialization layout in the wave of reform. Under the guidance of the reform and opening-up policy, China’s automobile industry has been developing vigorously, and has always been at the forefront of scientific and technological development, which has helped China grow from a small auto country to a big auto country, and step by step to a strong auto country in the world.
At present, China’s automobile industry is ushering in a new wave of technological innovation. New technologies continue to empower traditional industries, new travel concepts emerge in endlessly, and new formats continue to evolve. With the development and commercial application of the fifth generation mobile communication technology, the cross-border integration of industrial industry and information industry will produce more dazzling chemical reactions. The Chinese automobile industry driven by new energy and intelligent network will bring huge imagination space for the global automobile industry. China’s auto industry is changing from a follower to a leader. China is also changing from a global auto sales market to a global auto technology innovation and Application Center. New technological changes will inject new vitality into China’s automobile industry, high-quality market opening will usher in a new era of transformation and upgrading for China’s automobile industry, and win-win cooperation will become the main theme of the development of global automobile enterprises in China.
As one of the three most influential international auto shows in China, Guangzhou auto show has been held since 2003